Think before you post!

Do not approach your social media strategy without serious thought! Yes, the accessibility of most social media networks makes entering the world of social media easy and quick. However, just because the likes of Twitter are free to configure, it doesn’t mean it is the right platform for you to use!

So how do you know which social media platform to use? Well, my answer when posed this question is always “what is it you want to accomplish with social media?” Are you looking to generate more leads? Do you plan to use social media for customer outreach? Or maybe you plan to use it to increase brand awareness?

Whatever you want to achieve, you need to set aside time to truly figure out exactly what it is that your business needs and how social media can help fill that need.
One of the best things you can do before getting started is to sit down and really map it out. It is incredibly easy to get lost in the number of social platforms and you want to be sure you use your time and efforts wisely.

So, by defining your audience and truly understanding who you are creating your content for, it will help determine where you should be promoting your business and on which platform.
Some of the questions you might want to ask yourself about your ideal customer include:

How old are they?
Where do they work? What do they do?
What social media platforms do they use?
What kinds of interests do they have? Personal and business?
What are some of their struggles or pain points?
What kinds of obstacles or objections might they have?
What are their habits, likes, and dislikes?
What motivates them?

The clearer you can be with the answers, the more you will be able to fine-tune a social media marketing strategy that perfectly suits their (and your) needs.

Be careful though committing to a social media platform and then not updating it. I have lost count of the number of organisations we see who have a Twitter or Facebook page which hasn’t been updated for 6 months! Digital or online marketing is immediate so Tweets about an event you attended 3 weeks ago won’t get the exposure or interaction you’re after!


Social marketing explained

Every marketing agency I know is jumping on the ‘seminar’ band wagon by running seminars on areas like social Networking, charging people and then looking to exploit the prospective Social Media - Do I or don't I?!?customers’ lack of knowledge in this area by getting them to pay them to manage this sort of initiative.

There is huge amounts of information online for free and I came across a very good article by Colin Gilchrist that explains what you need to know. He talks about what sort of companies employ what type of initiatives, for what purpose and what may well happen in the future – ‘ I am fairly convinced that the current formats of existing tools including the likes of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn will either disappear or evolve into more user friendly formats that better suit our nature.’

To Bath Marketing Consultancy, social networking (or social media, or social marketing) is all about using the available online tools to suit your marketing strategy. Don’t be tricked into buying into a single approach or initiative. In addition, be careful of jumping on bandwagons – do you really need a Facebook account just because everyone else does? Use each initiative differently. There is no point in posting the same information on your Twitter page as your Blog, Linkedin and Facebook pages as ‘followers’ may just get the same information from you multiple times. Tailor what you are saying to each individual network.

Some of the best advice is to research the internet fully, see what you can learn and then talk to a professional if need be and you can then devise a structured plan that will work for your business and achieve your business objectives.