What we do

In a nutshell, Bath Marketing Consultancy works with small to medium companies by becoming their external marketing department.
Because we believe that the one-stop-shop advertising/marketing agency is a thing of the past. People want to work with local people who specialise at what they do rather than paying to only use what resources an agency has under its roof.

We come at things from a strategic perspective and help devise, construct, propose, implement and monitor effective marketing solutions to the business located in Bath and its surrounding areas.

Over my 16+ years in the industry I have come across some of the, what I believe, best people in the game at what they do in terms of strategic marketing, brand evaluation, web design, SEO, creative design etc. These people and I have formed a ‘community’ of key people so that each person only delivers their specialism and the client only pays for what is used.

I identify the marketing need and then deliver the solution using my marketing experience and community of excellent people.

Why not put me to the test – 01225 436426.