Marketing is more than new business.

Although I am a great fan of business plans, it is having a marketing strategy that will make the difference to your business. Such a strategy should be based on the results of the research you have conducted. It should also include existing clients. There’s nothing worse that producing exciting promotional material aimed at potential clients (see last week’s Blog posts on “The Company Brochure”) and forgetting to circulate it to your existing ones. It goes without saying that existing clients are still going to be your mainstay; your foundation and must never be sacrified on the altar of new business.

There will be people within your business who are simply not motivated by new business or even by the whole idea of marketing. You, yourself may be the sort of person who just sees marketing as increasing sales. This is not a crime! However, there does need to be a dedicated person to drive the marketing process forward and this someone can even be an external person such as a marketing consultant who you “tap into” when you need him or her.

I feel that there are 20 golden rules when looking at marketing and these will be posted later in the week.

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