20 golden rules for running a successful business.

Below is a list of the 20 things to consider when running a successful new business programme:

  1. Plan
  2. Create a fire, it is not about flicking a switch and sitting back
  3. Invest your time as well as your money
  4. Treat your company as a brand – define it
  5. Remember marketing is more than just new business and sales
  6. Develop a clear vision
  7. Aim high – but try and factor in some sort of safety net
  8. It is better to do a few things really well than loads averagely
  9. Remember the competitive framework – be noisy in a loud market
  10. Treasure your database
  11. Test, Test, Test
  12. Use all the tools of the trade – don’t rely on one initiative
  13. Invest in your own development
  14. Consider contra deals with complementary businesses
  15. Selling a meeting is the only thing you can do initially
  16. Work hard at keeping your name in the papers = Press Relations
  17. Prepare
  18. Use thr right team
  19. Keep in touch with your contacts
  20. People give business to people who want their business

As mentioned, these are Bath Marketing Consultancy’s top 20 rules, but they might not all apply to you and your business. If you would like me to elaborate on any particular point, please get in touch with me.

Over to you!


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