The Brochure Part 2 – A New Approach

Following on from my previous post, I think that the planning and the production of the company brochure should be the catalyst for producing a range of print material for the The Brochure Part 2 - A New Approachorganisation. I am talking about looking at corporate ID and other design issues such as stationary. Either way, my suggestion is to change the way you view printed material to try and produce genuinely client orientated, helpful material that will be collectable rather than binable.

The aim should be that anything printed takes elements of your business and your expertise and, without telling everything, puts it at the client’s disposal  thereby offering genuine help in a convenient format. This should result in it being an efficient sales tool due to its appetite whetting and longevity.

In addition to the brochure, there are also other initiatives like the newsletter. This can be a valuable print tool if well produced. Most organisations find that contributors don’t meet your deadlines and that once a quarter becomes far from easy! Newsletters have to be single-mided and client orientated offering really up-to-date news, opinions, technical advice etc. They must avoid being ego massaging tools!

Whenever consideration turns to print material, the question of design rears its ugly head. Let’s be totally clear, I would never underestimate the power of design. It is undoubtedly a vital element in the marketing of your organisation. With design, you have the power to distinguish yourself from your competition. It is a way to reveal your personality – your brand – so get it right. Use a blend of house style and creative identity.

Print is very much a subject I could go on and on about, but I am hoping that this and the previous article go some way to helping you in your thought process.

Good luck!



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