Save money and the planet

Bath Marketing Consultancy came across this news snippet on Brand Republic and thought it very apt as I am an E.ON customer, am conscious of green issues……………and would like to pay them less……!!

Basically, as part of their ‘Go Green’ campaign, E.ON is offering free energy saving products to News of the World readers this Sunday.

Readers will receive three energy saving gadgets (worth £30) including plugs that automatically switch off electrical equipment and a shower save device, which regulates temperature and the flow of water to help cut utility bills.

The energy provider says the products can save over 26,000 tonnes of carbon from being released into the atmosphere a year, the equivalent of over 480 million kettles being boiled and savings to consumers are projected to be £9m.

Supported with TV, press and digital advertising launching today, News of the World readers will be able to pick up the products free, with a coupon, from over 500 Sainsbury’s stores.

BMC – I think this is a fantastic promotion and it is refreshing to see a brand in a competitive market being proactive and not just looking at a brand ambassador to boost customers. By actively offering free products that save money as well as help the environment, I really think E.ON will boost its brand in relation to competitors such as British Gas. As far as I can recall, this is one of the first campaigns where an energy supplier is not just marketing themselves by competing on price or after sales services. It will also be interesting to see what happens to sales & distribution of News of the World as well as visits to Sainsburys. A very clever campaign.

What do you think? Email me or leave me a comment.


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