Why Content is King by Gail Gibson.

Bath Marketing Consultancy is proud to post this Blog written by a friend, colleague and professional copywriter, Gail Gibson of True Expressions.

Do the words on your website, flyers or brochures truly represent and reflect a clear message about your business? Or do they disappear into obscurity and allow your professional business to just become “one of many”?

Whether you are a one man band, small business or large corporation good, compelling and relevant copy is vital to your organisation. Content is king. Why? To stand out from the crowd, be noticed and successfully drive more customers toward your business. Many business owners “know” everything about their own business and feel they are the best placed person to write the words to promote their own business. Agreed that you know about your business, BUT do you have the right skills, time and inclination to put together great copy to attract and inspire your potential customers to actually do business with you?

Take your website. What does it say about your business? Does it inspire people to pick up the telephone and call you or to email you for more information? Does it instantly tell them – What’s In It for Them? After all, your website is a shop window for your business. It should reflect who you are and what you are about in a professional and targeted manner.

Are you easily found in web searches? Is your copy SEO rich (not saturated) for local area content? What is the length of viewing time of your visitor – do they read your content and take action to contact you? There is no guarantee that relevant and compelling copy will guarantee successful results however without it your business could miss out on opportunities.

Together with SEO your web and marketing copy should create interest and be thought provoking, to encourage your visitors to want to learn more. Your words should convey information, personality and attitude, giving personality to your business.

Your options? Write it yourself or employ the services of a professional copywriter. You have sound knowledge of the detail of your business and what you are trying to achieve with your marketing strategy however a good copywriter can add something extra.

A professional copywriter will spend time with you, to get to know and understand both you and your business. The copywriter sees your business from an outside viewpoint and this should be reflected in the copy they provide for you. Getting your copy professionally written gives you back the time to develop and grow your business; to talk to your customers and network with other professionals. Utilise a copywriter’s expertise to prove to others why content is king and really make your business stand out from the crowd.

For more information and to see how Gail Gibson, Published Author, Writer, Coach and Trainer can help your business, contact Gail via her website.


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