And the award for the most irritating advert goes to….

…..Go! Not really a surprise is it?! Advertising

They may grab our attention and then get inside our heads, but some adverts are memorable for all the wrong reasons and tops the list for the most annoying ad of 2009! Having said that, according to Go ­Com­pare’s own consumer research, there has been a 200% increase in awareness.

s of the brand since the activ­ity started in August. (BMC – awareness vs increase in sales?)

Andy Nairn, executive planning direct­or of ad agency MCBD, sums it up beautifully – ‘Most peop­le have an awareness of Josef Fritzl, but it doesn’t mean they want to spend time with him.’

You can probably predict the rest of the top 20 – Swiftcover, Gillette, Greggs, McDonald’s, etc – but the sacking of that useless limelight seeking, ‘celebrity’ Kerry Katona did remove Iceland from the list this year!!

The word on the street is that Halifax’s radio station is already topping the list for 2010!


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