Ads don’t have to win creative awards to win..

There seems to be a lot of debate in the marketing industry about ‘adwatch recall.’ By this I mean what advertisment or campaign consumers remember seeing on a weekly and monthly basis. These are researched, recorded and published. In addition, there are also advertisements that fall into the memorable, but annoying catergory (see Wednesday’s Blog).

What may surprise you is that the winner in 2009 was a certain insurance comparison site. What might surprise you even more that it didnt contain a meercat and wasn’t incredibly annoying. Yes, it was some, might consider a very basic, testimonial type advert demonstrating how new improvements to the site makes it even easier to use. I raise my hat to

The advert is useful. The casting of the genral public type of actor is credible and broad enough to feel relevant to us the general public and the demonstration of the site navigation is simple and clear. Importantly, the ad feels like the product claim – utterly straightforward and empathetic. In hard times, people are more wary of being ripped off and comes across as a powerful ally.

To quote Leon Jaume of Marketing Magazine – ‘It isn’t going to hit the jackpot on YouTube or at Cannes. We are right to celebrate the good things that do, but it is also right to remember that, if a product has something very clear to say, we can do worse than say it very, very clearly.’

Bath Marketing Consultancy totally agree with Leon as the testimonial approach is one that really gets the message across. Do you include testimonials in your marketing i.e. on your website?


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