Pepsi backs Lipton with Hugh Jackman.

Lipton Ice Tea (Pepsi Lipton International is a joint venture between PepsiCo and Unilever), will launch a global marketing campaign in March featuring new ambassador and Hollywood A-lister Hugh Jackman, the Wolverine, X-Men and Australia star.

As part of the UK campaign, the drinks brand is attempting to change the negative perception of cold tea made by UK drinkers who traditionally prefer hot tea beverages. Lipton said 53% of UK consumers claimed they did not like the taste of the drink, without evening trying it.

The global TV campaign launching in March features Jackman and the strap line ‘Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it’ and will be supported through other marketing channels including possibly outdoor advertising.

BMC – I am not sure Jackman is the right choice to front a cold, tea drink or that trying to change perception will be successful. I would have thought that DDB Paris would have selected a female ambassador and looked at high profile product placement as a possible initiative (Eastenders, as they are always drinking tea!?). We’ll see what happens.

Any comments?


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