What should you pay a marketing officer?

With a typical salary of £27,397, a marketer at this level is also likely to be paid a bonus of £1,800. A marketing officer working in the food, drink or tobacco sectors can expect to take home a slightly bigger annual salary of £32,000, while those working in transport can earn £41,215. Those with marketing officer roles in the hotel, catering or travel industry are likely to get a smaller pay packet of £26,000.

Their job will generally involve assisting in the collection and analysis of market research information as well as looking after direct mailings, advertising campaigns and point-of-sale material.

Bath Marketing Consultancy asks, why employ a marketing officer at all and get lumbered with that salary!?! Employ us to come in and do the job, but at a fraction of the costs? Plus you dont have to provide us with an Audi A3, pay NI or provide a pension either!


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