Marketing and your business plan

How does marketing fit into your business plan? There are a number of companies that can help you construct a business plan and provide a free online template which can also be broken down by sector. But what I am interested in speaking to clients about is how they perceive marketing. What time and budget allocation does marketing have in the overall scheme of things?

One mistake that businesses can make is having a poor understanding of marketing. Communicating your products to your prospects is a critical success factor for every business owner. You need to show you understand your target customers, what their needs are, why they will buy from you and how you will communicate with them.

Key areas to look at when looking at marketing are:

Marketing & Sales
SWOT Analysis
Competitive Analysis
Target Customer Groups
Customer Demographics
Sales Strategy
Pricing and Positioning
In-depth Marketing Plan
Advertising and Promotion

Get in touch with Paul at Bath Marketing Consultancy on 01373 814696.

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