It’s noisy out there!

To be blunt, it is noisy out there in the market you operate in. If you are in charge of a business or its marketing, collect what you receive in the post or via email in a month and see how much stuff you receive. Some of the larger companies I have worked with conducted this little test and one person presented me with a crate of stuff! Literature had come in all shapes and sizes; from postcards to full glossy brochures, from free samples to letters almost begging for business! Plus there was the trade/professional magazines that had landed on her desk complete with their own advertising, tips, inserts, CDs etc. 

Make some noise!

When it comes to marketing, how are you going to make an impact in an environment that is so busy??! In my opinion, too often marketing plans seem to be put together in a dark room without any real attention being paid to the noisy environment in which they will have to function. Do not take it for granted that the prospect you are trying to get hold of is just sitting at their desk waiting for you to get in touch with them and once you have, they will give you all the time you need to close the deal! 

You must shout to get heard; you must fight for their attention and aim to be remembered. A possible plan should be put together to cope with all the surrounding noise from others. Queue jump if need be to get ahead of others. Sometimes being too polite and hanging back will allow someone else to jump in and get that meeting.

Make your marketing simple, clear and easy to differentiate from the noise. 

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