During the pitch..

Following on from my last 2 posts, I thought I would continue with some more helpful tips about the actual pitch itself to help you get it bang on.

Enjoy it!

Firstly, if you are going to use charts and/or graphs, be creative. Keep them simple, clear and uncluttered. Do your upmost not to read them and simply talk around them. If you can, use recognisable logos to back up your experience and use multi media rather than powerpoint.

When pitching, one of the key things is to remember not to waffle. In my first ever agency pitch in London, I got very nervous, lost my way and managed to say “etc” about 30 times! Luckily my CEO stepped in and we managed to win the account!
Research has proved that a speaker has the whole audience’s attention for about 10 minutes, half their attention for the next 10 minutes and after 30 minutes, most of the audience are simply not interested and their minds are on other things.
  • Keep the focus on the client’s business – offer reassurances and demonstrate how you add value.
  • Try and make a key point every 3 minutes.
  • Get the pace of your delivery right and try not to use ‘umm’ as a filler.
  • Make sure you are heard by everyone and even try and get interaction from the audience.
  • Body language + eye contact are essential. Remember that the communication of your pitch is 58 body, 27% is voice & 15% is content.

A lot of the rest of my advice is obvious – try and enjoy it, remember that you are the expert, keep hands out of pockets, breathe deeply to calm nerves, if you get stuck – take a sip of water to catch up, dont be arrogant, stick to the timetable etc etc.

At the end of the pitch, CLOSE – ask for the business. Try and leave something behind like a brochure or a DVD of the presentation. When you get back to the office, review things and judge how you think you did………………and, if you win the business- CELEBRATE!!

I hope my last 3 posts helped you and please feel free to get in touch with my via my website or leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!


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