The pitch – structure and planning

While undergoing numerous sales training courses when I was working at the Sunday Times and then Miller Freeman, I was always told to :

  • Say what you’re going to say
  • Say it
  • Say what you’ve said

…in other words, remove uncertainty at the start, move on to the detail and then drive the message home via repetition!

    Always plan.
However, following on from yesterday’s post, please find a list of tips that I find help give structure and clarity to a pitch.
  1. Give it a title
  2. Write down in a single sentece what you want to get across to the audience – the “theme” of your pitch.
  3. Give a role to each speaker – DON’T use your MD all the time just because he/she might be a good presenter. Keep in mind that a lot of the pitch may hinge on systems and/or processes so ensure that that person has a definable role within the pitch.
  4. Try and avoid showing an organisational chart.
  5. Use case histories/studies to reiterate your point, but be careful not to give any sensitive information away.
  6. DON’T lie!
  7. Prepare, prepare, prepare!!
  8. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!!
  9. Try and pre-empt any questions and harmonize your answers.

Finally, make sure that you demonstrate how you and your organisation can help the client i.e. outline the benefits NOT the techniques you will use.

More on how to use props and the actual steps to take during the pitch later in the week. If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below or get in touch with Bath Marketing Consultancy direct via the website.


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