The high’s and low’s of being in business

Most of the Blogs I write are dedicated to helping people with their marketing; giving advice based on my experiences gained from over 17 years in the industry. This time, I want to share with you some tips on how to cope with the good and the bad times.

As I have Tweeted and Blogged about numerous times, I feel that marketing is an integral part of whether a business succeeds or fails. Every business needs marketing. Not just knee-jerk marketing, but proper planned marketing. Similarly, every business needs customers. Every business needs money.

Having been in business for myself for 12 months now, I too have experienced times when I have considered going back to full employment with my tail between my legs. Each time I feel like this it is down to something that hasn’t gone my way; something that has left me feeling low and demotivated – see this Blog about the Marketing Thief.

However, the key to turning things around is to remain positive. Go back to your marketing plan and step it up. Marketing is an initiative that depends on being consistent and persistent to be successful and even people who know what they are doing experience huge swings in their businesses.

Of course, I am bound to say talk to a marketing expert to get your business back on track and on the radars of more people. But sometimes it can be as simple as talking to other people at networking events. Share information. Share experiences. What I did was have a real hard think about my business and the value I bring to the marketing process. I know that the work I do makes businesses money so maybe it was a question of me being more visible and ensuring more of the right people knew what I bring to the table? Maybe I needed to be clearer in what I do and offer?

I decided to step up my social media activity. I went to more networking events. I also spoke to my existing clients to get more testimonials. I implemented a CMS to my website allowing me to change content and reinforce. The result – the busiest April of my career.

Be flexible in your marketing and keep doing it. DON’T sit back just because you are getting good referrals this month. Market your business now and it will pay off. Oh, and I am here if you need me!


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