Want a bigger slice of the SEM pie?

Big Slice?

It’s not just about driving traffic and conversions. In my opinion, a secondary objective for a large amount of search marketing activity (SEM) should be dedicated to brand awareness and reputation management, yet the results of a study conducted by a company called Epiphany in Leeds show that a lot of well-recognised brands are failing to have a regular presence online leaving space for their competitors.

The study demonstrated that a number of the ‘SuperBrands’ are relying far too much on brand-led terms in search. Epiphany’s Director of Search, Andy Heaps:
“It’s not necessarily that big brands are complacent when it comes to search – it’s more that the potential of search isn’t always understood, so isn’t seen as a priority. Brands are also often blinkered by the comfort that comes from brand traffic they receive.”
In addition, the larger the market, the more competitive the search activity so why not use a slightly different approach?
A very good example of how Bath Marketing Consultancy applies this theory is with our client BLB Solicitors.
BLB have a dedicated Personal Injury website – www.personalinjurysolutions.co.uk. CPC for the term ‘personal injury solicitor’ can be as much as £95per click making it very hard to compete on a national basis. Even regional variations are upwards of £50per click in some areas. Therefore, Bath Marketing looked at organically optimising the website for the regions it has offices in and then targeting specific case studies.
For example, if you had experienced some sort of severe accident that left you in some discomfort. After consulting your GP, there is a good chance that you would be diagnosed with CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome). If you then thought about making a claim against the perpetrator or looking for a definition using CRPS Claim as a search term, BLB’s PI website is very likely to be the site that you find organically, via the online Dictionary, on forums etc.
Why not put this to the test by inputting crps claim into Google?

In a crowded market full of very similar competing companies & products, any advantage, regardless of how slight can make a significant difference to sales and essentially, the difference between the market-leader and second place.
If you want to increase your slice of the pie in your market, why not get in touch with Bath Marketing Consultancy?


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