Direct Mail with your invoice…

I came across an article recently that got me thinking. It was such a simple idea and yet made huge amounts of sense. It was all about enclosing some sort of direct mail with an offer in the same envelope as your invoice – a sort of mutli efficient, targeted, direct mail marketing campaign.

With postage costs on the rise and advertising budgets on the decline, why not use existing channels to ‘cross sell’ and/or ‘up sell’ to your clients?

An extra offer

Here’s an idea for people in my line of work – marketing. When invoicing a client for their new website, why not include a flyer in the envelope offering SEO, SEM and/or social media? The automotive industry are a very good example at using this sort of tactic where they tempt existing clients into doing more via things like redeemable vouchers for a service etc. Who knows, you migth be able to build up a very loyal client base who actually look forward to your next offer!

Additional tips on using this idea are to please consider using a large statement insert. Packing your mailing full of smaller inserts may seem more logical but research indicates larger inserts have higher response rates. Three panel lauout is most popular, followed by two panel. Order forms must be easy to fill out as well if you use them. Be careful to watch the weight of your mailing too.

Bath Marketing Consultancy works very hard to add value to the marketing process and utilising exisitng initiatives like this seems like a very obvious, but probably very underused route. Although I cannot take full credit for this idea and it is probably not original, it may well just remind you to use it!


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