Social media

Bath Marketing Consultancy came across an article recently that gave a whole load of stats about online trends relating to social media and its usage in the US which I found staggering.

I have pulled out a few snippets so that you can see the actual scale of the numbers being touted about. I am seeking similar stats for the UK, but am pretty confident that the UK won’t be too different in its usage of social media, especially as a marketing tool as searches for ‘social media marketing’ in Google are up nearly 200% in 2010.

Brace yourself as one in ten people surveyed went to a social networking site in December 2009, up almost 100% from December 2008’s 5.8%. In addition, 25% of all page views came from the top
social networking sites and that is up 83% from the 13.8% posted in December 2008.

Over a 12 month period (Dec 08 to Dec 09), 28% of social media visits went to MySpace, with 68% going to Facebook whose market share surged 286% year-over-year.

The social media market has grown over the same period of time, but consumer usage is growing at a staggering rate with social media influencing everything from buying behaviour to how we work.

Where will things go next???


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