LA Fitness + Alesha Dixon?

As part of the group’s £30m investment plan which will also see it refurbish all it clubs by 2012, LA fitness, the gym chain, is launching a £1m marketing campaign this week, featuring Strictly Come Dancing judge and pop star(?!) Alesha Dixon.

Dixon, the former Mis-Teeq singer turned solo artist who was recently named the gym’s brand ambassador, will front the campaign, which spans local and national newspaper advertising, leaflets, posters and online activity, as the company looks to boost membership numbers.

A promotion with Capital Radio has also been created where listeners will have the chance to take part in a workout with Alesha at an LA fitness club in London.

LA Fitness said the marketing spend represents a 20% year on year increase in investment due to “the intense competition between private chains to lure new members and retain existing ones”.

Here we see another brand signing a celebrity to be its ambassador in the hope that the association will pay dividends (see my article on Tuesday). As I am not a fan of ‘Strictly’ it is difficult to comment, but am not sure a former pop star and dance judge working. Cracking launch timing though…


2 thoughts on “LA Fitness + Alesha Dixon?

  1. Heather Stanbury January 19, 2010 / 4:26 pm

    She is popular because she had a dirt bag of a husband who cheated on her with another 'pop star'. She behaved with dignity throughout the whole thing and now she is being rewarded. She also has a more realistic figure that girls can aspire to rather than sticks like Cheryl Cole. It's not targeted at you Paul, sorry to disappoint. They are looking to encourage women 18 years and older who want to get in shape for the summer. The person is an obvious choice but I still think it is dubious to use 'celebrities' in ad campaigns.

  2. Paul Tagent, Bath Marketing Consultancy January 19, 2010 / 4:58 pm

    Still dont see her as an obvious choice to front a fitness brand despite her very public public personal life. Who next – Rihanna or Charlie Sheen? Dont you think that potentially targetting women of 18+ could be a mistake and a bit limitting when LA Fitness' brand stragety is to boost membership in general??

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