Marketing in a recession…

In my never ending attempt to educate clients about the importance of marketing in a recession, I came across an article by Mark Bower that pretty much sums it up.

His summary is bang on so I have copied it –

‘In summary, the role of marketing during a recession is more important than ever. But we aren’t talking about merely implementing a fancy new poster campaign or popping an ad in the local paper here. This is a time for proper ‘back to basics’ marketing in its purest form. It’s a time to ask – possibly for the first time in quite a while – some of those big, scary questions about who we are and what we really offer as a business and to take a long, cold, hard look at what we need to do to make ourselves stronger, better, faster, smarter and more relevant.’

Businesses – You don’t need to contact a large ‘agency’ who will offer you all sorts of unwanted and unnecessary creative campaigns. What I suggest is contacting an experienced consultant who can objectively help your business set goals and implement the strategy behind achieving them.


One thought on “Marketing in a recession…

  1. Paul Tagent, Bath Marketing Consultancy January 11, 2010 / 9:00 am

    …or maybe link building using other sites and linking them to your site!!!!!!Seriously, many thanks for your comment, I totally agree with what you say in terms of the importance of SEM, but think that the website itself needs to be assessed before SEM can be implemented. i.e does it reflect my brand, how does it fit with other marketing initiatives? Does the content work for SEO etc etc….

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