Google Earth and Facebook bring Guinness to life online

This, I feel, is a cracking bit of online marketing by one of the big brands – Guinness.

Basically, Guinness (BMC – cracking website too) is running a promotion using Google Earth and Facebook Connect, allowing people to join forces to win one of 50 cases of the drink.

To participate, you must have Google Earth, or install a plug-in. You can then begin to piece together your own planet using terrain from real-life locations such as Brazil, Nepal and Australia. However, the experience is richer if you get your friends to participate in building their planet via Facebook Connect.

The more diverse your planet becomes, the more water droplets you discover. When you discover the maximum 800 droplets you unlock a golden pint and become eligible to win a case of Guinness.

Paul Cornell, marketing manager at Guinness, said: “No longer can we rely on just a distinctive TV ad to generate the required level of impact, (BMC – remember the Rutger Hauer adverts?) we also have to really involve and reward the consumer. The link with Google allows us to do this.”

Any thoughts on this initiative folks? or leave me a comment.


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