Getting into marketing?

Despite reading that over 250,000 people were made redundant in 2009 with predictions by People Management of some 2.8 million unemployed in 2010, there still seems to be an abundance of jobs in the marketing & comms sector being advertised.

For example, I looked at Brand Republic this morning and found ‘1079 jobs in Advertising, Marketing, PR and Media.’ However, the trend seems to be leaning towards people with digital experience and/or business development skills rather than the more traditional account manager type role.

If you are trying to break into marketing there are a number of tips and sites that could help. One of which is

If you are a buisiness looking to hire a marketing person, why not outsource to an experienced Consultant in the short term? I can think of one who is very well qualified and could lay the platforms for your business!! Why not get in touch with me via my website?


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