Problems with your host?

This entry is not a witch hunt. It is more about informing you of potential hurdels when working with external people so I thought it was worth sharing….

Anyway, one of these hurdles that I now have personal experience of is being appointed by a client to work with them and develop their online marketing and SEO and then finding that this client already had a very protective advertising agency who arranged their hosting and domain registration through an external third party.

This agency became incredibly juvenile and refused to grant me FTP access to this website despite being instructed to do so by the client on the grounds that they owned the hosting thus preventing the required work taking place. In addition, this agency then tried to enforce that the client in question source new hosting by threatening to take the website down despite the hosting not expiring until 2010.

This is illegal.

If you have paid for a website and its hosting, you own it and therefore have rights to give access to whoever you want, whenever you want.

Bath Marketing’s tips are that, whoever you work with for website design and online marketing, always ensure you have:

a) a back up copy of your website files including any databases
b) full FTP access details
c) full control of your domain name and DX records by making sure they are in your name NOT the person you are working with.

Good luck!!


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