‘What exactly is Marketing,’ was…….

…….a question I was asked this morning.

Well, marketing refers to the process of identifying and satisfying customer needs at a profit. Initially it looks at the needs customers have and then researches the market to ensure there is sufficient demand and it’s worth developing a solution (at a cost to your organisation) that fits this need. Those products and services developed will then need to be communicated to let the target customer group you have solutions to their problems and your organisation should be chosen through branding and pricing options.

Most people believe marketing refers solely to the promotion of products through advertising and distribution channels (sales) and immediately start looking at branding (especially corporate indentity) from the design aspect first. This is a mistake that could cost you long term if there is no demand for services.

Understanding the overall marketing mix (in relation to the “4p’s or 6 p’s” of marketing) is essential as the whole process will influence how successful a marketing led organisation will be.

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