YouTube to get Google Analytics

Whilst surfing, I stumbled across this article from Darren Jamieson:

‘YouTube is all set to get the same marketing analysis tool that is used by the Google search engine. When YouTube is integrated with Google Analytics, marketers will be able to track their video and viral campaigns with more accuracy.

Google Analytics will greatly help the marketing department to check how many repeated visits they get, how long do the visitors stay, the number of pages viewed by individual visitors and bounce rate of online videos.

YouTube product manager, Zal Bilimoria said that YouTube is the largest focus group in the world. It is also a brand channel having a strong following that can provide remarkable insights into the customers who interact with your brand and your content. He also added that the company is working hard to incorporate the Google Analytics software. He also expects that the new tools will help the users to understand their target viewers in a better way.

According to a recent report, the BBC is in talks with YouTube for expanding their online offering. Once this deal is done, you will be able to view full-length shows like Doctor Who and Top Gear. Google Analytics can help marketers learn more about their visitors and the way in which they interact with their videos.’

At Bath Marketing Consultancy, we are passionate about online marketing and this is just another step that allows companies to really tailor their marketing efforts to their chosen audience.


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