What actually is good customer service?

Tricky this one as the scope is wide. There is also the, what I might feel is good service, other people may not and vice versa situation. Either way, customers today no longer seem to place such emphasis on the price or the actual product.

Customer Service in Marketing
Customer Service in Marketing

Instead, how they feel after interacting with customer service can have a big impact on how they make decisions to buy again in the future. A good interaction with the company or organisation can keep customers satisfied and loyal, while just one poor interaction could lead them to stop doing business with companies again. This can be very evident in the food and banking sectors. Having said that telecoms, legal, marketing, leisure.…….

Customer service really does influence buying behaviours and should become part of the “offer” companies make to their prospects in their marketing…..but only if they can substantiate it in real life. Customer service is not isolated to the actual purchase, it should also be part of aftersales and marketers have a tremendous opportunity to leverage effective customer problem resolution to increase loyalty and, potentially, sales.

The concept not only assumes that customers with successfully resolved issues are more likely to interact or transact with that company again, but that they can also be very instrumental in convincing others to do business with that company as well.

Companies can and do invest time and money to get in front of prospects and maintain clients and, I’ve said it many times, but there is nothing as effective in marketing as a good reputation travelling fast.


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