What are you aiming for with your marketing?

One of the most important outcomes of your marketing activity should be prospection; taking the actions required to achieve the end result of getting yourself in front of the intended prospect. By doing this you are basically speaking to someone face to face; one professional talking to another, and this allows you to get your message across in a unadulterated way with the undivided attention of the relevant buyer.

But gaining the appointment can be a fearsome prospect and requires cunning, confidence and the correct approach!

So how do achieve this necessary evil? The answer is effective marketing. Effective marketing of your company brand. Effective marketing of yourself.

In a meeting earlier today in Yeovil, we discussed how today’s consumer is a very savvy entity. They are people who are ofay with the internet. They mix with people who have similar purchasing patterns and ultimately they are much more aware of the power they have in terms of the decision whether to “buy” from you or your business.

Today’s potential customer therefore, needs to know your brand. They need to know how you differentiate your products and services from the multiple competitors out there and they also need to know that you offer an accessible and affordable solution to their problem.

To achieve the above in professional services, a company needs to build its marketing from the ground up. A company needs to invest in how it markets itself and the message it is giving.

Have a read of the below. Some of the questions might seem obvious, but have you really been thorough in your approach and have you really done this?

What does your logo say about you? Do people “get it” when they look at it?
Is your identity consistent across everything you do?
Is your website easy to navigate around? Does it stand up to the 5 second rule?
Are the right people on your website? Is there an obvious call to action?
What benefits are you offering people? Are they clear?
Is there a place for people to sign up to something so you can keep in touch with them when they’re ready to buy?
Do you have a “clean” database of prospects?
Do you use telephone canvassing?
Are you talking to the wrong person? Always aim high – the CEO or MD.
Do you know what your competition does with its marketing? How are you different?
How do you use the media? Do you let them design one-off adverts at a high cost or is there a plan of action?
Where do you source your leads?
Do you know if there are seasonal fluctuations with your prospects?
Are you active in social media? (Are you target market even using social media?!)
Do you use email marketing?
Are you constantly testing new marketing initiatives?
Have you got a clear plan of attack in terms of your marketing?

…..have you talked to a professional??! I know it might seem tempting, but talking to lots of your friends and/or asking family members about your logo or your website is not something that will help!

By doing the above, you will stand yourself in much better stead to getting that meeting. Your message will be the correct one, seen by the right person at the right time in the right place.


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