Bath Marketing Consultancy; the future is bright….and challenging.

In this Blog, Bath Marketing Consultancy has written over 200 marketing related articles. The vast majority of which are dedicated to providing marketing advice and help to the small to medium business. We have also shared our experiences, posted work we have done (and some rather dodgy video interviews of myself!) and given our professional opinions on campaigns, marketing initiatives & what to do in certain situations.

Over the last 3 years, Bath Marketing Consultancy has quickly established itself as one of the West Country’s leading marketing consultancy’s and, as we are full service and operate a “pay as you go system,” we have designed and delivered 30+ websites, numerous logo and advertisement designs, exhibition stands etc etc.

However, I now find myself in a unique situation with regards to the future due to increasing client and prospect demands.

As you may know from my Tweets, I have never been a fan of “sub branding” or diversifying from the key target markets of a business, but one area I am considering is whether to launch a dedicated comms company for the larger and possibly multi site client. Within Bath Marketing Consultancy there is a combined 40 years of experience in the sector which hugely benefits the smaller client as they can draw on this market experience, usually for a fraction of the cost of a larger more traditional “agency.” In addition, the service levels we offer and the single point of contact mean that we build strong and long lasting relationships with each of our clients.

Well, what if larger clients could access this type of experience via a different company that was still linked to the values and working ethos of Bath Marketing Consultancy? What if a national company could call on a pay as you go marketing consultancy offering really “heavy hitting” brand evaluation, design, copywriting, bespoke web solutions and national marketing? In effect, what if there was a different virtual account team made up of industry specialists, all of whom know each other from previous lives who could work together as and when needed to really push the marketing activity of the larger client?

Watch this space…………….


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