What a year – thanks to all

Well, that is pretty much it for this year for Bath Marketing Consultancy. Work is far from over for us, but I hope that the posts I have written in 2011 have helped you with the way you not only look at marketing, but the tactics and initiatives you employed this year.

With regards to my business, 2011 has been a phenomenal year and below is a list of the new clients we have had the privilege to work with.

  1. A2B Rylands Removals (Dorset)
  2. Bath Teeth Whitening (Bath)
  3. PRPi Training (London, Hong Kong, New York)
  4. Perudo (Mells)
  5. Counter Tops (Bath)
  6. Minerva Report (Bath)
  7. Northgate Training (Bath)
  8. Crallans Solicitors (Bath/Bristol)
  9. Moore Scarrott (Taunton)
  10. 1st Recruitment (Jersey, Guernsey, Sydney)
  11. Restore Bath (Bath)
  12. Amesbury Physiotherapy (Wiltshire)
  13. 3D Media (Wiltshire)
  14. Mango Ink (Bristol)
  15. Heads Up (Bristol)
  16. Arks and Sparks (Bath)
  17. BMH Solicitors (Bristol)
  18. Ilton Estates(Taunton)
  19. Nynehead Developments (Somerset)
  20. Impronta Coaching (London)
  21. Castlemead Insurance (Bristol)
  22. Scott Bates & Coles (Devon)
  23. Stephen Graver Kitchens (Wiltshire)
  24. Red Back Design (Bath)
  25. OnTarget Writing (Somerset)
  26. Harmony Audio (Somerset)
  27. Grass Root Gifts (Bristol)
  28. Masterco Compact Tractors (Bridgwater)
  29. ICC Salcombe (Salcombe)
  30. Egremont Trust (Devon)

What we find encouraging is not only the number of new clients we have worked with, but the variety of industries and variety of marketing initiatives we have employed. The other element worth noting is that 90% of the businesses listed above are “local” to Bath Marketing Consultancy meaning we have not deviated from our initial offering when we opened in 2009 of providing a full service, pay as you go marketing service primarily to the local business community.

For 2012 we already have a number of projects scheduled to go live in January + we will know the decisions of 2 tender proposals so I don’t see Bath Marketing’s foot coming off the pedal anytime soon!
Anyway, here is wishing you a great Christmas and New Year………….. and let me know if you would like a professional company to take a look at the marketing for your business!

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