2011- how has it been for you?

With only a few working weeks left in 2011, Bath Marketing Consultancy does not know what sort of year you have had, but we are very much looking forward to the Christmas break. In all honesty, it is the “break” part of Christmas we are looking forward to as much as Christmas itself as 2011 has been a long (and phenomenal) year for the business.

Yes, we have worked with over 20 new clients from a huge variety of sectors, but not everything has been plain sailing. Without going into too much detail, I would like to think that I have learnt a great deal this year especially from some of the not so good things that have happened to Bath Marketing Consultancy in 2011.
I saw a quote sometime ago that went along the lines of “an unhappy client can be your best source of information” which has actually been quite apt. I am not saying that we have reams of unhappy clients; far from it. It is more that we have had to adapt with new situations which have tested the structure of how we work, our (low!) pricing, the way we schedule our work and the way we manage certain clients. We have come through all of these tests pretty much unscathed and all the better for doing so.

We have also seen a shift in the marketing requirements from our clients and an increase in the number of potential marketing suppliers prospects see before making their decisions. In terms of what people want from their marketing, the one off projects that played a part in our some of our success in 2010 have been replaced by ongoing marketing needs meaning that we play a much more important and ever present role in the organisations we work with. This has been incredibly rewarding.

What we are also seeing is that companies are becoming far more structured in the way they market their businesses and the thought processes they use. Clients and prospects are tending to look further ahead and see marketing as more of an investment for the future than a knee jerk reaction when times are quiet.

What about your marketing for 2012 and have you had a good year where you have learnt new skills?


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