The Marketing tools of the trade

Marketing is a multifaceted process. It offers a wide range of tools for placing your service/product in front of clients and prospects. The main “tools” available are:

The web
Cold canvassing
Direct Marketing
Conferences, seminars, exhibitions etc

Bath Marketing Consultancy suggests you use them all! If each tool is used for the right purpose, has the right objective, at the right time, for the right TA, they could be incredibly effective.

Before you say anything, I appreciate there are other marketing tools that I haven’t mentioned such as telesales (or telemarketing) which is ostensibly phone canvassing. However, there are 2 types of telesales, 1) is closing a sale and 2) is closing an appointment. The skills required for both to achieve success vary, i.e. to close a sale, you might use an introductory offer. To close an appointment, you may well use “I am in your area….”

The tools of the trade!

One initiative that may well yield results is client entertaining, but be careful that it doesn’t appear like bribery!

What marketing tools do you use and what works best? Feel free to leave me a comment.


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