Technology means you CAN take time off.

Worldwide access

I cannot tell you all how much better I have felt this week while away from my business than last time I took a week off back in October 2010. After that week, I wrote a post about the merits of working while officially off which provoked a number of comments as I found myself working every night and very stressed, but this time, things have been very different for me.
Well, for a start, the investments I have made in technology have made a huge difference. I now have a “proper” office so am able to separate work time and home time much better. Even better is that, in my office I have a VOIP phone system that takes messages and emails me the voice mail message via Quick Time so I never miss a call.

In addition to this, Bath Marketing Consultancy has grown significantly over the last 6+ months and I am now in a position to work with a creative director who can act as my back up while I am away and/or out of the office. Although not an “employee”, he is a retained freelancer with a Bath Marketing Consultancy email address and we have been working together for over a year on a project by project basis anyway so he knows my business, my brand and most of my clients.

The final ways that have helped me relax (well, I say relax, but I have 3 children under the age of 5 so I use the expression loosely!), is that the house I have rented has wi fi which allows me to access the PC in my office remotely via a system called “Team Viewer” if I need to and of course, no business would be complete these days without the obligatory iphone which syncs with my email system via an external email exchange.

I cannot tell you how much easier it is to have a few days off knowing that all phone calls are covered and that there is someone else to help if need be and the investments my business has made in technology make breaks far easier to take. I wont lie and say that this week has been client free. In fact, I have had 2 new enquiries, worked on a new logo for a client, produced 2 new A4 folders plus started putting together a new website, but I now do it with a smile on my face rather than a look of frustration and panic!

What do you think? Are you able to take time away from the “coal face” or are you a slave to your business? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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