Don’t be afraid of commitment!

Sometimes people see marketing as more of a quick fix process; a sort of knee jerk “distressed” purchase typically after experiencing a slow period in their business. However, marketing is very much a long term commitment that takes time to yield and I feel it is in every businesses interest to embrace marketing and get on board for the long haul. The high's and low's of being in business

How many initiatives can you name in one breath? SEO, advertising, e marketing, newsletters, direct mail, networking, article posting, Blogs, referral marketing………phew! Each one of these can be a very useful way of marketing your business. But, which one or which combination will be the most successful? The answer to this is to test each one and see what happens. If you are going to do this yourself, then dedicate time to do it properly. If not, buy someone in to help you. (After all, that is what marketing consultants are there for!)

As per a previous post, marketing is much more than sales, it is about forming a dedicated plan of action; researching all aspects of your market, defining your business and establishing what you have to offer.


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