Leads – where are they and who are they?

Just where do you start looking for leads?! How do you qualify them? How to quantify them? Try and use the Qx2 method – Qualify = ensure that they are in the target group to buy from you; Quantify = has their organisation the budget i.e is the suspect you are looking at an actual prospect?

Not these leads!
This all might sound a bit over the top and scientific, but there is no point in tapping a potential piece of business and allocating time and energy to the sales and marketing process if they do not follow the Qx2 rule.
So……where to start? Constructing a wish list is not difficult in the early stages of business. After all, you know your market, you read the trade press and/or papers etc. But remember, the list must be reasonably long so as to give yourself a broad target to aim at and to allow for the probable high volume of non effective contacts that you are bound to face on your first attempt. In my opinion quality is better than quantity, but you can never have too many leads.
From bitter experience the early fear of the prospecting process can quickly be replaced by the need for more leads as your initial list shrinks! Therefore, do not discount purchasing a list/database from a reputable company. In addition, many leads are available from directories like Free Index or UK Small Business Directory (are you listed on these directories?!). In addition, use networking (4Networking preferably!) and keep your eyes open as you travel around – good prospects are everywhere!

Once you have got your list, dedicate real quality time to your own marketing. Get your brand right; get your website right and get your marketing material right and there will be no stopping you!


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