Possible objections when cold canvassing

When it comes to objections, how many could you come up with? How many have you had? I am sure the prospect will have more, but below are a list of the ones I have encountered and some tips to overcome them –

1. Happy with competition – am I the same? Is my offering the same. Very unlikely.
2. Too expensive – how do they know? Prices are project based and talk about value rather than cost.

3. Used you before – may have used the company, but have they actually used “you?” After all people buy from people not companies.

4. No budget – irrelevant as you are in it for the long term.
5. You’re too big; we’re just a small business – flatter them with your attention.
6. Put something in the post – danger here! Tell them that your services are tailored so would be far more beneficial to meet up rather than send literature.
7. Too busy at the moment – very typical. Have your diary open for the next 3 months and just put in a speculative date that can be changed.
8. I’m not interested – anybody in business should be aware of what is out there. Since when was ignorance bliss?!?
9. I’ll think about it – try and help them in the thought process.

If you can keep a mental note of what might come up as an objection you can sort of prepare your answer. My suggestion is to accept the objection and then try and neutralise it by offering a different perspective. Remember that your aim is to get a meeting not to make an immediate sale.


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