Media buying – how to play the game.

Negotiate hard.

For any publishers that are reading this, I would like to apologise in advance as I am going to go through how to get the best deals when buying advertising space!

When purchasing space either in print or online, there is one key word – negotiate! Very few people pay quoted rates or “ratecard.” Always go for the special offer or the “late space deal.” This may mean waiting until the last moment, but it will be given. In print media, my suggestion is to avoid the special supplement or feature unless there is exclusivity as all these initiatives are are just vehicles for the publisher to make more money and 99 times out of 100 you will be surrounded by all your competitors meaning your impact will be reduced now matter how good your ad.

Always fight to get to get colour inclusive; to get a full page for the price of a half; maybe even demand a repeat for a tiny extra price! You need to be run of the page on the right, in with the news and out on your won not will the rest of the ads on the left. Remember the telesales person will go on and on about their circulation and how their magazine is the best, but ultimately, you hold the cards and can dictate price, position and frequency!

If you need help with constructing a media plan, please get in touch with me. I recently saved a client £35 per ad in a well known magazine as well as £50 per ad on the actual design – and he now gets quality response!


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