Breathe for a Change

After a great 10 minute presentation at a recent networking event in Frome, I asked the speaker Mr Ken James, if he would like to write a summary so that I could post it onto my Blog as I felt it to be of great importance and relevance to us all.

So………..below is a very important article about how such a simple act as breathing can make a big impact on your work and home life:

You can survive for 3/4 weeks with out food, 4/5 days with out water but only 4/5 minutes with out air.
Breathing is the most important thing you do.

Most people only take in around 2 litres of air on each breath when your lungs hold 7 litres.
Most people breathe into the top of their lungs when the most efficient place to breathe is into the lower lung as that is where the largest amount of oxygen can be transferred into the blood stream. Oxygenated blood is what breathing is all about. Oxygen travels around your body feeding the cells, removing toxins and keeping you healthy.
The top of your lungs are associated with the sympathetic nervous system, the fight or flight response. Adrenalin is activated and you are on alert.
The lower part of your lungs is associated with the parasympathetic nervous system and is about being calm and relaxed.
The best way to breathe then is into the lower lung.
Another reason to use the lower lung is that the lymphatic system of your body does not have a “heart” to pump lymph fluid around your body, that is done by the diaphragm and so lower lung breathing exercises the diaphragm and so also aids the release of toxins from your body.
When you breathe you should use your nose for both the inhale and exhale as your nose has receptors that release endorphins that are 10 times more powerful than morphine to keep your body relaxed.
20 percent of all the oxygen you take in goes directly to your brain so when you breathe deeply you give yourself more thinking power.
Smoking limits the oxygen to the brain and so reduces the thinking processes. Smoking relaxes you because it stops you from thinking unwanted thoughts.
Breathing exercises can help you de-stress and improve your life in many ways.

For more information and breathing and its many benefits contact Ken James at or on 01373 834575 mobile 07799 677032

What do you think readers? Serious food for thought eh?

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