Top 10 Advert Tips

Not all of the below are possible all the time, but Bath Marketing Consultancy have constructed a check list of the sort of criteria you must adhere to when running an advertisement.

1. Your advertisement must look good and be professional
2. It must appeal to the right person (or target audience)
3. Your ad must invite people into it; use the correct imagery
4. Promise some sort of rewards; ‘call me and I will give you xxxx’
5. Back up anything you say; use testimonials
6. Make everything run in order- header, copy, call to action
7. Try and personalise your advert
8. Make it easy to read
9. Really stress the service you are offering and the benefits
10. Ensure it reflects your business and its character
If there is a number 11, I would seriously suggest speaking to a professional who understands you, your business and the media you are advertising in.
NEVER let the media design your advert as a free service. They do not care about your brand!

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