Domino’s launches Facebook ‘superfans’ social media push

Apparently Domino’s Pizza has launched a new social media campaign on Facebook rewarding users’ brand loyalty with prizes and special offers. As part of the campaign, a superfans app sends users a promotional code linked to an offer.

In addition there is an online competition to find Domino’s biggest followers or the ‘Superfan King’ and ‘Superfan Queen’.

The winner, who receives more prizes from the brand, is the user who recruits the most new fans to the Facebook page – a sort of glorified refer a friend type campaign.

“Facebook is central to our social media strategy and this application will enable us to leverage the importance of brand advocates in growing our customer base. Superfans is about giving something back to our customers” said Robin Auld, Director of Domino’s Pizza UK & Ireland.

BMC – Is this yet another example of a well-known brand jumping on the social media wagon or is this part of a well planned marketing strategy. I personally like the idea, although I am not sure what ‘prizes’ Domino’s could offer other than huge amounts of pizza. At least the winners will be easy to spot as the Superfan King and Queen will be enormous!!


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