‘Comic’ Omid Djalili to front new Moneysupermarket.com campaign

I was about to Blog about yet another TV advert for a compare insurance type site when I checked Brand Republic’s site and saw that Joe Thomas had beaten me to it!!

His article was more factual, but, in a nutshell, Omid Djalili is now fronting Moneysupermarket.com replacing the previous ad fronted by Peter Jones being a prat on a shopping trolley and fiddling uncomfortably with his tie. (BMC – did he really need the money that badly?)

The campaign started on 1st January 2010 and is backed by a £15m media spend that will see the ad running with a series of 60-second TV spots, supported by press, online and cinema.
It supposedly plays on British people’s embarrassment at haggling on price when buying products or services.

David Osborne, marketing director at moneysupermarket.com, said: ‘Our message to our financial services partners is that we will be the only price comparison site to continue to support a wide range of product areas, not just car insurance, with advertising during 2010.’

BMC, great, really looking forward to 12 months of this type of advert fighting for space with a fake soprano signing fat man pushing the competitor site – not!


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