Google still the place to be

A recent article from equimedia caught my eye as it stated that, in the US, Google accounted for 71.08 per cent of searches during September, which is a rise of around one per cent from figures recorded in the previous month. This could reflect UK trends as Yahoo and Microsoft´s Bing engine both recorded a fall in searches, with the latter only managing to take less than nine per cent of the market share.

Although enjoyed a rise in searches, it still accounts for less than per cent of the market. In addition, the study also highlighted searches of five to more than eight words in length also increasing by two per cent, while shorter alternatives remained stable on a month-to-month basis.

Are consumers becoming even more savvy about how they use the web? Bath Marketing’s answer is that consumers seem to be showing a trend towards knowing exactly what they want and using Google to find it. This in turn means that we MUST have optimised sites that are Google friendly and are 100% representative of what the company does or offers or risk getting the wrong traffic to our websites or, quite simply, none at all.

Isn’t it worth asking a professional to do a critique of your website to be sure? email me on and I will take a look for free.


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