Is your business sociable?!

While doing some more research on what has been labelled ‘social marketing,’ I stumbled across a number of articles, facts and figures that I have re written for us all to understand!!

In a nutshell, marketing experts have admitted they don’t understand how Twitter and Facebook work, despite two thirds agreeing that it is here to stay.

The Social Media and Marketing survey conducted by McCann Erickson found that 86% of marketing experts thought that social media is more than just a one hit wonder. Despite this positive feedback, 65.6%of marketers say they don’t know how to use social marketing sites to advertise and promote their business.

At present, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the most popular social networking sites for marketers, with 72.8%, 42.4% and 40.2% having a presence on them respectively.

Many offices have revealed that IT departments have blocked access to sites like Twitter or Facebook-effectively stopping marketers monitoring how to fit their brand in with the ever expanding social trend. Currently over half of UK businesses using social media sites use them to raise their profile or PR, followed by 48% for networking and 30% for advertising.

Joanna Randall, Head of PR at McCann Erickson, Bristol, said, “This study highlights that some of the UK’s major businesses are ignoring social media channels — but they do so at their peril. Word of mouth is now more powerful than ever — opinions can be shared with a global audience at the click of a button.’’

Luckily for the the community of Bath, social networking is an area that Bath Marketing Consultancy understands and can help you use to your advantage! Why not ask us?


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