Social Media – Do I or don\'t I?!?

Yes or no?!

There has been huge ongoing debates about social media and whether it is a marketing initiative that business simply have to implement in order to succeed or something to scare mungering businesses into doing  and I would like to outline, what I believe are some of the key benefits.

By being active on social networking sites, a company is able to increase its awareness and hence its brand recognition. Familiarity with a brand or company helps breed sales.

You can improve your businesses reputation via your profile and contributing to relevant sites like online forums.

Social media DOES improve your businesses position within search engines. An example to check this is to create a \’Google Alert\’ for your company name and see how many times you are mentioned/picked up over a monthly period as a result of your social media activity.

Social media also means that you can attract the right sort of traffic to your website via the topics you post on sites like Twitter. Post links to your Tweets so that people can see what you are talking about; maybe even make a direct offer to your followers or ask them to re tweet.

All these bi products of social media activity can open more doors to your business and hence improve sales.

Surely this is what we are all working for in the first place?!?! Do you have any comments on this?

One thought on “Social Media – Do I or don\'t I?!?

  1. Anonymous March 29, 2010 / 1:53 pm

    I agree with your views on the benefits for businesses using social media sites and I feel this is particularly important to small businesses to build up an online community of followers to heighten their awareness in a non intrusive manner. I feel that to shy away from using social media sites will not give your business any more prestige but in fact distance it from its audience and therefore mean extra work is required from other media to gain the same response. Social media not a fad nor is it going to end tomorrow so I feel that businesses need to embrace this new media technology and utilize it to best suit their circumstances just as they would with any other media.

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